Original Dressage

Colour Black
Seat Size 17, 17½
Changeable Gullet R-Bar
Series Original
Conformation High Wither, Standard Wither

Available in black only, this dressage saddle will suit you if you want the flexibility of a moveable knee roll under the flap which can be re-positioned to suit your requirements as your dressage position develops.

  • A flatter, more open seat than the S-Series dressage saddles.
  • Two panel options for horses with a medium or high wither profile.
  • Velcro knee roll under the flap which can be positioned to suit your leg length and the amount of support required.
  • Changeable girth straps which allow you to optimise saddle stability (see girthing options below).

All Kent & Masters saddles share the features below



All Kent & Masters saddles benefit from the following features:

For details of fitting features specific to individual saddles, see the ‘fitting solution’ section

handmade in walsallHandmade in Walsall

We have been making saddles at our workshop in the West Midlands for more than 25 years. Our skilled craftsmen are qualified Master Saddlers who use traditional saddle-making techniques to ensure each and every saddle is made with consistency, care, love and attention to detail.


Design know-how

Our in-house design team includes riders who have competed internationally, qualified saddle fitters, technical specialists and experienced horsemen. This unique combination of talent, expertise and experience allows us to produce saddles for horses and riders of every shape at every level.


changeable gullet barsChangeable gullet bar

A changeable gullet bar allows you or your saddle fitter to modify the width of the saddle’s gullet to suit the horse’s wither profile as the horse changes shape with either exercise, muscle development, maturity or rest. There are 8 options in the short S-bar and 7 in the long R-bar.

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Campaign for Real Wool100% British wool flocking

Wool is a natural fibre and provides superior softness and comfort for the horse because it moulds and settles quickly, giving optimum panel contact with the horse’s back. Two reinforced flocking slots make it easy for your saddle fitter to do any necessary adjustments to fit on-site

Find out more about 'The campaign for wool' here www.campaignforwool.org/



Kent & Masters Dressage Moveable Block saddles (S-Series and Original) offer girthing solutions to fine-tune the fit of your saddle.

Dressage Girthing Neutral Position

Your saddle fitter will always begin girthing in the neutral position with the moveable billet attached behind the point.

Dressage Girthing Billet moved to point

To increase saddle stability if the saddle slips forward, the saddle fitter has the option of removing the Velcro thigh block, moving the billet (girth strap) onto the point, passing it through the keeper at the bottom…

Replace the block

…and replacing the block on top.

DO NOT pass the strap under the block and through the keeper

If the billet (girth strap) is behind the point, DO NOT pass the strap under the block and through the keeper. This may cause saddle instability.


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